Thursday, January 6, 2011


Joy is a gift.... and it comes in sooo many forms.
  Christmas is a time of giving.. yet so many people don't understand that Christmas is really about our faith. Faith at times I feel is overrated.  Many people don't have any.  I have a ton!!!
  Love and kindness I feel come right along with faith. Jesus came down to earth and lived with all the "Hicks" that he was soo much better than.. he then gave up his life for them... and us. So that we can go on being sinful and unkind??
 We need to consider why God put us here. We are guardians of the next generation... who in turn will be the guardians of the next generation... and so on.
   Please, always remember to keep Christ in Christmas all year long... as my grandmother said yesterday to me..." Christmas should be more than just a couple of days"!!!
  Consider making Jesus a birthday cake next year!!!  It will bring a smile to EVERYONE"S face!!!!!

                                            God bless you and yours in this New Year!!!!

    Michelle and family

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