Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Give a friend a gift!!!!!!!!

   Hope everyone that entered their friends had fun!!!!! Maybe YOU will be the lucky one next time!!!!!

 WINNER IS!!!!!!!        Crystal Biehl !!!!!!   Lucky lady!!!!!!!
Brandy Leigh Nelson Crystal Biehl
December 11 at 3:01pm ·
Please just e-mail to BloomingBums@yahoo.com!!!!!!   Thanks for playing all!!!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Blooming Bums Thanksgiving Lip Balm Giveaway!!!!!!

                   THANK YOU to my loyal fans and friends!!!!!   The name has been picked for the

     Blooming Bums Lip Balm.......  winner is............. Regina Halatsis !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Such a lucky

     lady!!!!!   I am thinking you have a deal of somekind with Random.Org!!! =) =) =)  Please let me

     know that you saw this!!!!! =)    STAY POSTED..... Have you seen my new ALBUM?????

     SOMETHING from that album will be listed here soon!!!!!!   HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

BATH TIME!!!!!!! Bath-a-Licious

  How many of you have heard of BATH BOMBS ETC?????? They were fairly new to me when I came across their page!!!  I thought -- What a neat idea!!!!!
  Melissa said she would send me some to review, so lo and behold... I have a GREAT reason to take a bath!!!! She actually sent me so much to review that I feel greedy keeping it all for myself!!!!

    WE are going to give YOU the chance to win some to try as well!!!!!

                        STAY TUNED!!!!!!

So now Bath Bombs has become BATH-A-LICIOUS!!!!! A more post office friendly name!!! =)=)

 I tucked my children and husband in bed and I skipped down the hall to the bathroom (towel in hand!!).
 There I took what felt like forever trying to decided which scent to try!!!!
  Coconut, Moonlight Path(YES, just like the Bath and Body Works one!!), Cucumber Melon, Baby Powder, Amazing Grace and one with a name that is of course my FAVORITE name!!!  Night Blooming Jasmine!!!!!
  I decided on Moonlight Path and started running my water.... I hopped into my bath and dropped in a fizzy.... ohhhhh...yes.......
  Lying there with my head back and eyes shut... I listened to the fizzle..fizzle.. fizzle.... and breathed in the relaxing aroma!!!!  TOTALLY reminded me of the old commercial "Calgon, take me away!!!"
  I truly wish I could have stayed there all night... But, as us moms know better, that these baths and showers sometimes can be few and far between!!!!  I sure did sleep good after that!!!!
  You will want to go and visit Melissa at her page for 2 reasons!!! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bath-a-Licious-Bath-Bombs-Etc/190428137654047?sk=wall
  #1.  She has the more awesome products available!!!!  Including Shower steamers!!!
  #2.  You will need to "LIKE" her page to be eligible to win the Giveaway!!!!


  I decided to give away one of these soothing products for someone else to try and fall in love with!! (Believe me... I would LOVE to keep it!!)

TO ENTER!!!!!!
 ENTRY #1.  Go "LIKE" Bath-a-Licious Business Page !!! Please make sure to tell them www.facebook.com/bloomingbums44 sent you!!! (Blooming Bums)

EXTRA ENTRY  #2. Share about this giveaway on your wall!!!! If you have more than one..(Business people) you can have one entry for each..=)

EXTRA ENTRY #3.  Share about this Blog and www.facebook.com/Bloomingbums44 on your wall!! Again.. if you have more than one.. you can get the extra entry!!!!!
 Here is what you will receive if you have the number that Random.org picks!!!!
    Drawing will be held on March 13th @ noon!!!!      
READY..... SET.... GO SHARE!!!!!!!!!!  

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Exploring Scentsy with Dawn!!!

  I was recently given the chance to try an item I had only heard about!!!!  So in it's own way I was (for lack

of a better word) a Scentsy virgin.  Hee hee!!!!!

  Scentsy is the talk of the internet now!!---  Everyone seems to have tried it or sell it , since it seems you

really only need to invest around $100 to get your own supply !!!!  Many I have read, sell it just to "support

their habit"!!!!

   Dawn Zavatsky Welch jumped at the opportunity to give me a beautiful plug-in (of choice) and a Spiced

Grapefruit scent to try with it!!!! And as with all good things, it felt like F-O-R-E-V-E-R before it got here!!!

=)=)=)=)!!!   Then, one afternoon mu doorbell rang and...much to my delight--saw a box that said "Scentsy"

on the side!!!! I felt like a kid in a candy store as I ran back up my stairs to the glowing faces of my

children!!!  They eagerly helped me unpack the box and put together the BEAUTIFUL seashell warmer!!!

  Within minutes the bathroom and surrounding areas were engolfed in a fresh, fruity aroma..... I smile every

time I smell it!!! Sssoooo.. wonderful!!!!

  Having been a candle lady myself for years it was incredibly easy to fall in love with this product!!  The

gentle glow that flows from the warmer pulls you in like a warm muffin out of the oven!!

  I am excited to discover a new scent one of these days and see what Tropical Island that one takes me

to!!! So if you haven't already, I think it is time for

YOU to take the fall as well!!   You will be amazed at the variety of items and scents available!!! There are

25 brand new scents that have just been brought out for spring/summer!!!

  Dawn is an incredible woman to work with and will gladly work out any questions you might have or run

into!!!  She truly cares about her customers and will go the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied !!!

 Please make sure you check out her page and feel free to let her know that I sent you!!!!



                                Thank you Dawn for this incredible new journey!!!!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Potty Warmer

  Back some weeks ago, I signed up on Little Gremlin Gear's Blog for a chance to win a spot to test a "Potty

 Warmer".  I was lucky enough to be chosen (thank you random .org) as a third.... and lo and behold in my

 mailbox came an adorable potty warmer!!!!! 

  It is made of the cutest, softest material...which is not only easy to clean but would fit just about ANY potty


  We put this adorable monkey warmer on my daughters' potty chair and she IMMEDIATELY wanted to be

 on it ALL the time!!!!

  It not only is wonderfully made, but it is the cutest part of our "potty corner"!!!  It has given my daughter so

 much more initive to sit on her potty!!!!!

  In addition, FOR ME, it has been a HUGE blessing as,(KNOCK ON WOOD), has not gone #2 in her

 diaper since we placed it on her potty!!!!!

Little Gremlin Gear has so many cute and unique ideas... you NEED to go and explore their site!!!!!

  I want to thank Little Gremlin Gear for the opportunity to be a tester for them, and for opening my eyes to

 some of the unique items that can change little peoples' perspectives!!!!!!

                                              Hop over here to check them out!!!!!  

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Green Goose Review

 I LOVE the name of this hard working lady's business!! She makes everything from dryer balls and dryer SHEETS to "Honker Hankies"-- take a wild guess what those are!!!! =) =)
  She has something unique for everyone!!!!

  I have to say that one of my favorites out of her items that I have purchased is her "Ouchie Bags". We keep all but one of ours in the freezer for all the "ouchies" in our house! (Which are quite a few!!)  They are pouches filled with Flax seed... they can be heated or cooled to help with all those aches and pains... and ouchies!!!

 On to what I'm really here to review!!!!

 My daughter is 2 1/2 and has just begun her hair piece fettish!!!! We were sent a beautifully made hairbow that I have a hard time getting away from my daughter at bedtime!!!!
  It is fluffy and soft and sits in her hair so nicely with the alligator clip it is attached to!!  We have had such wonderful comments about it!!!
  I find myself saying " I Wish" when people ask me if I made it!!!  I just giggle, and after admitting that NO I don't have that talent I always tell them " a very talented lady made that for her"!!

Everyday I feel like I am reviewing another product for "Goose"!!   Our items that we have purchased are used practically EVERY day!!!

 So PLEASE, do yourself a favor and go over to her site, LIKE her and find something to try!!! She really does EXCELLENT work!!!
 Thank you Goose!! I hope your Gander appreciates you as much as I do!!! =) =)