Sunday, January 23, 2011

Green Goose Review

 I LOVE the name of this hard working lady's business!! She makes everything from dryer balls and dryer SHEETS to "Honker Hankies"-- take a wild guess what those are!!!! =) =)
  She has something unique for everyone!!!!

  I have to say that one of my favorites out of her items that I have purchased is her "Ouchie Bags". We keep all but one of ours in the freezer for all the "ouchies" in our house! (Which are quite a few!!)  They are pouches filled with Flax seed... they can be heated or cooled to help with all those aches and pains... and ouchies!!!

 On to what I'm really here to review!!!!

 My daughter is 2 1/2 and has just begun her hair piece fettish!!!! We were sent a beautifully made hairbow that I have a hard time getting away from my daughter at bedtime!!!!
  It is fluffy and soft and sits in her hair so nicely with the alligator clip it is attached to!!  We have had such wonderful comments about it!!!
  I find myself saying " I Wish" when people ask me if I made it!!!  I just giggle, and after admitting that NO I don't have that talent I always tell them " a very talented lady made that for her"!!

Everyday I feel like I am reviewing another product for "Goose"!!   Our items that we have purchased are used practically EVERY day!!!

 So PLEASE, do yourself a favor and go over to her site, LIKE her and find something to try!!! She really does EXCELLENT work!!!
 Thank you Goose!! I hope your Gander appreciates you as much as I do!!! =) =)

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