Sunday, December 5, 2010

Rockin Green Laundry Detergent!!!!!!

My new ( MONTHS AGO) obsession!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Rockin Green Laundry Detergent!!!!!  I heard about it on Facebook... we have never really had issues with detergent!!!!!
   We started cloth diapering in January!!!! My Third child was born the end of January... I determined around October of 2009 that I was going to cloth diaper it!!!!!
   I had discussed it with my husband, ( much to his dismay) in length... he said..whatever!!?!!  So I started looking at a couple different kinds.... I was VERY soon brought to Cotton Babies and their BumGenius diapers....!!!! 
    I was still working at this time @ my VERY flexible.. never sure one week to the next when I had to work job!!!!   We could afford to buy them them... mostly!!  So I started a small stash before my son was born.
 I purchased a few other "cloth" diaper detergents... used one up and BARELY started one before I got my Rockin Green samples!!!  I ABSOLUTELY was in LOVE!!!!!  I bought a few more bags.. found a local lady.. bought a few more bags.. now I have gone through... BAGS of this detergent!!!!!
    We use this detergent for everything in my house!!! My husbands greasy, dirty, gross work clothes... our pajamas, sheets, coats... DIAPERS... I have NEVER cared about what went into my clothes.. until I found ROCKIN GREEN!!!!!!     I now have a small stock of this detergent that I sell out of my home to others who NEED to be obsessed!!!!
      Thank you Kim and crew @ Rockin Green Detergent!!!!  This product is not replaceable to me!!!!! =)

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